Our Technology

Cadic Canada’s technology is at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket. Cadic Canada introduced fully automated production lines to the automotive aftermarket and standardized having independent engineering teams and validation laboratories in the industry to deliver the highest quality products.

Thoroughly checked based on specific criteria to ensure high quality.

Strenuously tested in a range of temperatures over a period of time.

Machine automated assembly system that trumps antiquated methods.

Curated by a team of world class engineers and designers.

Fully Automated Production Lines

Electrical products are extremely sensitive to static electricity and often result in production delay. To combat this, Cadic Canada’s production lines and manufacturing processes, from material picking to assembly, are fully automated with German robotic technology in order to produce ignition coils that exceed OE standards. We exclusively use Japanese branded raw material from copper wire to spool to ensure that ignition coils are of the best quality from raw materials up.

Laboratories and Product Development Team

Cadic Canada’s product design is based on OEM standards and is optimized for quality performance. Cadic Canada’s state of the art modern laboratory is home to advanced testing equipment. All products manufactured and designed by our team are subject to thorough performance review and durability tests including:

  • Visual inspection of appearance

  • Dimensional measurement

  • Performance test (before and after)

  • Durability

  • Vibration

  • Salt Spray

  • Humidity

  • Open secondary

  • Thermal shock test ( 125~140 /-40 ℃ up to 100 cycles )

  • High temperature endurance test @125~140 ℃ up to 500 Hours

  • Powered thermal cycle evaluation